2014 Finalistes

Finalist info based on date of competition 

Alec Fraser

Regional Heat: Calgary

Current: Model Milk, Calgary, AB

Hometown:  Calgary, AB



Alex Nacinovich

Regional Heat:  Eastern

Current: Canoe, Toronto, ON

Hometown:  Richmond Hill, ON


Corey Hess

Regional Heat: Western

Current: L’Abattoir, Vancouver, BC

Hometown:  Vancouver, BC


Michael Christiansen

Regional Heat:  Western

Current: The Pear Tree, Burnaby, BC

Hometown:  Winnipeg, MB


Michael Dolente

Regional Heat:  Eastern

Current: Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto, ON

Hometown:  Halifax, NS


Nehemiah Lim

Regional Heat: Eastern

Current: Jump Restaurant, Toronto, ON

Hometown:  Toronto, ON


Solomon Chau

Regional Heat: Eastern

Current: America,Toronto, ON

Hometown:  St. Catherines, ON


Stephen Baidacoff

Regional Heat: Western

Current: Get Cooking, Edmonton, AB

Hometown: Georgetown, ON